Visit Lånan in July

In July 2021, Lovund Skyss has regular boat trips to Lånan, 3 times a week. Give yourself an experience you will never forget.

In July 2022, you have the opportunity to visit Lånan once a week! Lovund Skyss has set up regular routes from Sandnessjøen and Vega every Sunday throughout July.

You can choose whether you join the boat from Sandnessjøen at 11:30, or from Vega at 13:00. On the trip out to us you will experience the fantastic archipelago on Helgeland with its myriad of small islets and reefs.

When you arrive at Lånan you will be greeted by the bird watchers, who will take you on a fantastic walk in the eider’s kingdom. You get to join us and learn how we take care of the eider ducks every year while they are nesting, and learn about how we collect eider down and make the world’s best eider duvets. You will also hear stories about what it was like to be a child “on the island”, about life at the boarding school on Skogsholmen and about how Lånan was affected by World War II. There are many stories on the island, and our bird watchers look forward to sharing them with you. The tour then ends at Låven, where we have a great photo exhibition related to the stories that have been told..

We guarantee lifelong memories, and a unique chance to experience a vibrant island community where history is taken care of in the best way. The trip is suitable for everyone, easy terrain to walk in and good access to and from the boat.

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Every Sunday in July (2022)

Departure at 11:30. Back in Sandnessjøen at 18:10

Departure at 13:00. Back on Vega at 16:30

Prices and booking

From Sandnessjøen: 1,395 NOK
From Vega: 1,095 NOK

Children (Until 12 år): 
From Sandnessjøen:  895 NOK
From Vega: 745 NOK

All tickets must be ordered from Lovund Skyss.
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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Hildegunn by phone: +47 452 72 654, or email

Kveldsstemning på Lånan
Evening atmosphere at Lånan. Photo: Riktig Spor