Live at Lånan

Do you want to live and work as a bird watcher? Then you are most welcome to visit Hildegunn and Erik in Ytterstuo. Here you get to live in harmony with the birds and nature, and really experience the silence and the feeling of being on an island, far out in the ocean.

 We promise you close contact with the birds, and you get to join our daily rounds to check all the nests. You can feel the excitement every time we look into a new nest in search of the world’s most exclusive down, eiderdown. If the eider has left the nest, we pick the down and collect it to dry. When the eiderdown, which has kept small ducklings warm and safe, is completely dried, we clean and dry it until it is completely clean. At night you sleep like a prince or princess under eiderdown duvets, which of course are made on Lånan.

Ytterstuo is the newest house on Lånan. We have electricity from solar panels, and access to the internet. With us, local food is served, preferably fish, and you get the pleasure of hearing what it was like growing up on an island, so far out to sea.

Sometimes we have to get up in the middle of the night to watch the birds go ashore.

Hildegunn, Bird Watcher
Hildegunn sjekker ebane
Hildegunn checks the hutches, the house in the background is Ytterstuo. . Photo: Trond Johan Andersen

We receive overnight guests in May and June every year. To get to us, it is easiest to take a plane to Brønnøysund, a boat to Vega, and then a boat to Lånan. We can arrange pick-up at Vega if you wish.

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With us, no two stays are alike. We tailor your trip to your wishes and to weather and wind. We’ll always make it cozy. Contact Hildegunn for further information.