Eider Safari in June

Give yourself a completely unique experience, experience Lånan while the eider ducks are nesting

For many hundreds of years, humans have lived in the midst of the kingdom of eider ducks. People have adapted to and lived in interaction with the eider while they lay on their nests. At Lånan, this tradition is still maintained. Every year the islanders return to the island to take care of the birds, prepare the nests and protect them during the breeding season.

During the protection season that runs from June 1st to July 1st, we can offer eider safaris at Lånan. During this period the eider ducks nest, and we have between 500 and 1000 eider ducks living with us. All trips on the island must take place with a bird keeeper present. We know where the birds live, and we guarantee unique close contact with them. You will get to know the real eiderdown, and we will show you the time-consuming work of cleaning down that we use in the world’s best down duvets. We share our story, and tell you what it is like to work as a bird keeper, and you get to visit our exhibition at Låven. The trip ends at the home of a bird keeper where we serve coffee and traditional Lefse treats

We will pick you up at Vega in our own shuttle boat – Lånan Jr. It takes you quickly and comfortably from Vega to Lånan. The boat trip takes about 45 minutes each way.

We guarantee a completely unique experience you will never forget.

Prices and Booking

Boat ride from Vega to Lånan round trip:
NOK 6,500,- We agree on a time and meeting place that suits you.

Guiding and serving of coffee and Lefse:
NOK 1500,- for adults
NOK 500,- for children between 5 and 12 years
Children under 5 participate for free


Call Hildegunn on +47 452 72 65, or send an email to: hildegunn@lanan.no