Welcome to Utværet Lånan!
 Lånan is an archipelago in Vega county in Helgeland. Here we maintain the old tradition of taking care of eiderducks. We produce eiderdown duvets 
of the finest quality.

Lånan Duvet

No other duvet filling is so light and gives off so much warmth as eiderdown. The fluff from the eider duck’s breast has a special quality. In contrast to down from ducks and geese, eider down has small barbs which keep it together. This provides eiderdown duvets with a unique capacity to insulate and emit heat.

To buy a eiderdown duvet is an investment for generations. All our duvets are 100% hand made from the very best eiderdown available. We make all our duvets to meet your needs and expectations. For adults we recommend either a single or a double duvet measuring 2,0 or 2,20 meters in width. Regarding your requirements according to heat, we can make an extra thick winter duvet, a lighter summer duvet or an all season duvet. It’s all up to you.

We can also make special baby and junior duvets.

Prices available at requests. Pleas contact Hildegunn via e-mail or by phone ; +47 45 27 26 54

Lånan Pillow

Once you have experienced a night on an eiderdown pillow, nothing else will do. Therefore many of our duvet customers also wanted a pillow to accompany their Lånan duvet. So, by popular request we have made the Lånan Pillow with the very finest eiderdown. Our pillows are rather small measuring 45 by 50 cm, and can therefor be used along with your other pillow.

Eiderdown Mittens

With a pair of eiderdown mittens we can guarantee you warm hands, even in the coldest of weather. Our range covers women’s, men’s and baby mittens in 100% eiderdown. Their classic design and neutral colors make them go well to most outdoor clothing. Our baby mittens are made without a thumb to ensure comfort.

Our eiderdown mittens are designed by the Norwegian designer Synnøve Mo and are made by Protex near Trondheim. This ensures 100% Norwegian quality. The outer layers of the mitten in wind and waterproof, and they are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Children's Book

We are making a continual effort to expand our selection of products. The interest for our products is considerable both in Norway and abroad and many people would like a souvenir of Lånan. It is always satisfying and fun to se how engaged the children get when they learn about the eider ducks at Lånan. Our own grandchildren spend their summers with us, and through them we can experience our birds in several ways.

In 2012 one of our longest dreams came true when we published our own children’s book, “ Eli and Emriks adventurous summer at Lånan”. The book is written by Trine Gransmoe from Bodø, and beautifully illustrated by Ingerlise K. Kongsgaard.

Join the eider ducklings Eli and Emrik on their adventures at Lånan during a fabulous summer season. Eli and Emrik merchandise are available. Contact us for further information.

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