At Lånan, we have collected down down through generations. The down is used in the world's best down duvets.

At Lånan, we have been collecting eider down since the 19th century, and this tradition has been proudly passed on from generation to generation. We build nests for the eider ducks and protect them from dangers during the breeding season. In return, we get the world’s best down.

Here you can read more about the bird watching season at Lånan

100% Handmade

Eiderdowns are collected and cleaned in other countries as well, including Greenland and Iceland. Most are today mechanically cleaned, but people down in Helgeland still do the time-consuming work of hand-cleaning eider down. The down is collected as soon as the ducklings have left the nest, and the cleaning is a demanding job! The down must be dried, shaken and thoroughly cleaned, loomed and finely cleaned – a long and time-consuming process before it can be used in a down duvet or in other down products.

Margit looms the down in fine weather. Photo: Cyril Ruoso

Feather duvets from Lånan

Eider down details. Photo: Cyril Ruoso

There is no better duvet than a down duvet. No duvet filling is so light and gives off so much heat. The light feathers from the eider’s female’s breast have a special property. Unlike down from duck and goose, eider down has small barbs that keep it together. This gives the down duvet an insulating ability in a class of its own. The lifespan of a down duvet is also many times as long as a regular duvet, and there are duvets that have been in use for over a hundred years. We even have duvets that we have inherited from our parents.

All our down duvets are tailor-made and adapted to our customers’ wishes

We have divided our duvets into 5 categories, all with varying amounts of down

  • Summer Duvet
  • Year-round Duvet
  • Winter Duvet
  • Baby Duvet
  • Child Duvet

Take a look at how we make down duvets

This film provides insight into our season at Lånan, and how we make down duvets