Lånan is an archipelago belonging to Vega Municipality. The archipelago is located 30 km out to sea, northwest of Vega. Once you’re out here, there’s nothing but the ocean surrounding you. People have lived here for many hundreds of years, with the first records dating back 1660.

The history of those who are today landowners on Lånan dates back to the middle of the 19th century. At most, around 50 people lived on this small island. They lived a good life, characterized by care, charity, a strong faith in God and gratitude for the gifts of nature.

After World War II, society slowly but surely changed. The authorities wanted to reduce settlement in the districts and encouraged people to move to the cities. The school system changed, and when the youth came of age, they had to move to get their education. Most never returned to Lånan again, except during holidays. The fishing industry became increasingly industrialized, and the demands for comfort in the form of material goods increased.

Now no one lives all year on Lånan, but the activity and commitment to the history and the honour of tradition is greater than ever.